Weaning Recipes

Motherhood is a rollecoaster as it is, the nappies, the sleepless nights, it all adds up and you are still obliged to get up every day, get dressed and face the day with a smile like Supermum! Well, to help you along the way, I have added some of our quick and easy recipes to use for little one, and you don’t even need a blender if you don’t have one, you can use a whisk, or even a masher! These recipes are for advised for babies from 6 months…

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Carrot Puree

This puree is perfect for when you haven’t got a lot of time on your hands and the added bonus, when carrots are transformed into a puree, it creates a sweetness to the taste that little ones find irresistible!


  • 350g Carrots


  • Peel and chop the carrots and add to a saucepan
  • Add enough water to cover the carrots
  • Boil for 15-20 minutes
  • Add the carrots to a blender and if needed, to make the puree thick enough add some of the water left over
  • The puree needs to be thick not like a liquid

If you have a baby older then 6 or 7 months, try mashing the carrots lightly so that there are still small lumps. This will give the texture but so that they are still easy to eat.

Cauliflower & Cheese

This is one of Reggie’s favourites, you can any other ingredients you want, but this is definitely a winner, you can puree it for the younger ages, but as Reggie is 8 months he now has a mashed version where you can feel the texture of the ingredients more…


  • One Cauliflower
  • Sprinkle of Cheese
  • x1 Capful of Milk


  • Chop up the Cauliflower and place into the saucepan
  • Add enough water just to cover
  • Boil for 15-20 minutes or until the Cauliflower is soft
  • You can place the Cauliflower into the blender for a smoother mixture
  • OR – You can mash the Cauliflower along with the cheese and milk so there are slightly more lumps

Spinach Supreme

This is a winner for all ages from 6 months upwards. This was Reggie’s first ever weaning recipe, the Spinach gave a great source of Vitamins and the added sweetness of the Apple made the dish irresistible to the untrained baby eye!


  • x2 Handfuls of Spinach
  • x2 Apples
  • x2 Handfuls of Broccoli


  • Peel and chop the Apples
  • Chop the Broccoli
  • Add everything into a saucepan
  • Add 2 inches of water
  • Boil for 5 minutes and then check until the Broccoli is soft
  • Add the Spinach and boil for a further 5 minutes until it is all soft

Add to blender for those who are just starting out in the weaning world…OR…mash the ingredients for added texture for those who are on the 8 month mark and upwards…

Chicken, with Carrot, Sweet Potatoe and Sweed

Winner winner Chicken mixed with goodness of vegetables for dinner! This little recipe is a guaranteed winner for all ages, blended until smooth or mashed for all of the goodies, it’s an all round number one pick for all ages. If you don’t fancy adding the Chicken, you can resort in taking that ingredient out.


  • x1 Chicken Breast
  • x1 Sweet Potato
  • x1 Swede
  • x1 Carrot


  • Cook the chicken breast in the oven until cooked through.
  • Boil the sweet potato and swede until soft
  • Finely chop the chicken
  • Blend / Mash all ingredients together

If this is for the younger mouths then you can blend to form a smoother consistency, and add the left over water from the saucepan if needed, only a small amount at a time to help smooth the texture.


Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

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