The Governments Bargain: Have 3 Miscarriages and we’ll take you seriously…

How many times do we need to mourn before we are taken seriously

No one should have to have 3 miscarriages to be taken seriously, and yet that is exactly what the Government expect us to do to be finally seen and supported. Why?

SIGN THE PETITION and make a change today

When I began this blog back in 2018 I never felt like I truly had somewhere to go to share my experiences and my pain. I remember being given a leaflet on the charities you can call to speak to someone, but I never felt that really was any true support there, it was almost like we were given this leaflet that may as well have read “You’re a big girl now you can handle this on your own”.


Women who miscarry are more likely to develop anxiety and depression? Did you know that women who suffer loss are more likely to feel agitated, angry and uncomfortable around situations now where there are children and families involved, and when the social pressures are added into the mix, it truly is a dark place to be in.

I know that there these charities are incredible in what they do, I worked closely with PETALS and The Miscarriage Association to raise money and awareness for a cause so close to me, but I still felt like I had nowhere to go to really share openly what was going on in my head and my heart.

Miscarriage is devastating, losing your child at any moment is devastating and yet we are made to feel like we need to qualify in order to be taken seriously and seen by the government. I feel as though the term “3rd luck is a charm” and if that isn’t a complete kick in the teeth than I don’t know what is.


This is unacceptable, things need to change. People wonder why we don’t come forward and talk and speak out out the loss of our children, the loss of our futures and the pain we have experienced. It is because of the lack of SUPPORT that we so desperately need and the safe haven that we so desperately deserve.

Men or women DESERVE this support and I will fight the cause alongside the incredible charity Tommys who are the largest charity supporting this and together we can make a change. I am not doing this for me, I never started The M Word for me, I started it because I knew so many women out there needed a place to go to mourn openly, but now I am fighting a cause that is much bigger than me and so to those who follow the blog and the community please share, please sign, and please support such a worthy cause.

The link is below :

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