Manifestation: The Top Tips to Mind Motivation


Success doesn’t just find you…The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

Mental Health is an ongoing battle for so many around the world, and yet still it is seen as such a taboo subject. But it shouldn’t be, if you are like me and you do suffer with a mental illness even if it’s depression, anxiety, even paranoia, don’t be ashamed! I have suffered with my mental illness for fifteen years, I have reached some very low points, but I have found some great remedies to help along the way, check them out below…



Pilates / Yoga

Take note…and write it out

Creating a notebook for everything you feel you can’t speak out on, you can write it out, I find once it’s on paper it’s out of sight and out of mind ready to refocus on something new and motivational.


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