Mental Health – It is just like riding a bike right?

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A mental health journey can sometimes be seen as like trying to ride a bicycle uphill with no breaks…

I have always tried to compare my own journey to remote situations to try and help deal with it. Any mental health journey, no matter how big or small or even insignificant you think it may be, I want you to remember, it is just as important as anything else and you must look after it.

Any mental health journey is like riding a bike uphill with no breaks…take a moment and think about it…it is a struggle, and when you are at the top of the hill everything is amazing, it’s beautiful and you feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. And then there’s the slip, that slip that then brings you all the way down again, it’s a slippery slope with no breaks, no way of slowing you down or stopping you and before you know you’re straight back to the bottom and it seems like a struggle to start again and make your way back up to the top of the hill again.

If you ever find yourself saying “I’ll be fine” “It’s nothing don’t worry” or even “There is something much more bigger and more important than my own issues” I want you to stop right now and remove those thoughts from your mind.

No matter where you are on your journey up that hill, no matter if you are feeling on top of the world right now, or your stuck at the bottom, you’re not alone. Talk to people, whether it’s an outsider like me, I am always ready to listen, remember I have been there and I still am…I am pushing my bike up that hill as we speak trying to reach the top of that hill, I slip and can’t use my breaks to stop me, but remember, there will be a way to get yourself up that hill.

Grab that imaginary bike, and push with all your might to get to the top of that hill once more…

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