Livin La Vida Lockdown


It’s like living in the worst version of Big Brother. We get to see the outtakes on a daily basis, we find ourselves doing crazy tasks just to keep ourselves busy and Facebook has become a version of Heat Magazine, all the latest gossip for you to feast your eyes on!

I must admit though, like so many others, the livin la vida lockdown has continued to work wizardry on my mind, something I could usually deal with, however, it isn’t that simple anymore. At first I will admit I struggled, being a Mum, letting my partner go to work every day, the closest I got to seeing my family was through a phone screen and I was no longer “Me”, and that really got to me. And I can only imagine that there are so many others in the U.K and around the world right now who are just like me, and in fact in worse situations. There are so many amazing front line and key workers, who cannot see their loved ones, their children, and all for the love of this country.

There are so many others out there who are struggling to cope with their mental health, to make ends meet, who do not know when they be heading back to work, the list is endless! And I wanted to add a little something here just for those who need a little pick me up, a little reminder that you can be whatever you want…we are so close to the finish line, so lets finish the livin la vida lock down together!

  • Workout: Even if it is just for ten minutes a day, grab the kids and use them as weights for squatting, run around the garden a few times, link your phone up to Joe Wicks on YouTube! I use Gabby Allen and her workouts on her Instagram
  • Meditate: Grab a few minutes even if it is sat on the loo, take your deep breathes, and remind yourself the best is yet to come, you can overcome anything, YOU are still standing and THAT is your strength.
  • Fresh Air: It sounds crazy, BUT, a little fresh air makes the world of difference. Take the kids to the park, go for a walk and pop in your favourite music and just forget about the world even if it is just for a few moments.
  • TALK: Even if you have to share that you are having a really bad day, chances are there will be someone out who is feeling the same and will want to talk too, so share. Remember a problem halved is a problem solved.

And remember…you are NEVER alone – So please never feel like you cannot share.

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