Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations…


There is a unique pain that comes from preparing a place in your heart for a child that never comes”

– Moms Blog

The word Motherhood is a word can bring joy to most of us and also pain to the rest. And there isn’t anything wrong with that, some women who are already Mums can suffer pain, it might be the pain that you feel trapped, lost and you constantly feel like you’re a failure, that’s OKAY, it’s ok to feel like that, it’s a tiring a job! It’s tiring, mentally, emotionally and physically as well, and some people will never understand and some people will, but nevertheless it’s YOUR body and YOUR life, and YOUR family every family and person is DIFFERENT.

To all the Mothers and Fathers out there, I salute you, you’re doing an amazing job.

There also those who aren’t Mothers or Fathers for that fact and also feel those EXACT feelings. That’s ok too! Those who have been trying for years to fall pregnant and it hasn’t happened yet, those who are spending every penny on IVF just to have that little gap in their heart filled also feel like that and that’s ok guys, it is. Those who have been through a loss at no matter what stage and you feel like that, it’s OKAY. If I have learnt anything from this experience, IT’S OKAY!

Me and my fiancé had that exact feeling this week, we randomly took a test which after days of waiting like contestants on the Price is bloody Right found out it was negative, and BOOM you’re straight back to Square 1 again. “Will it happen” “Will it EVER happen again” “What should I be doing differently” and the truth is there is actually nothing you can do, although you are in your own body, that doesn’t actually mean you control it, sorry. We have been trying and still carrying on as normal and it hasn’t made a difference, the truth is you just have to be patient and tell yourself “IT WILL HAPPEN”.

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