2021 Mental Health – Trend?


“My inbox is always open” this is something a lot of us are seeing across social media. But for some reason last night, for whatever reason, that line really hit a nerve with me. We lose so many every day to mental health battles and when awful loses are shared via Social Media, to so many of us suffering in the darkness, it is almost seen as a 24 “trend” rather than a lifetime commitment to fix an ongoing problem. Raised for a short moment to remind us there is help out there, but as quickly as the hand is given it feels like the expiry date hits and it is taken away again. When dealing with Mental Health, it is something that is an ongoing battle, both physically and mentally.

Seeing people sharing so many posts via social media with the words “my inbox is always open” I felt an overwhelming feeling of guilt because the worst part is I found myself being one them. But what I did not think of was how it must have made those who are suffering feel. When we are in that dark place we feel like even with those words being shared, we cannot just pick up the phone and share it. I remember how I felt when I was in my darkest place, and I felt like I could not get out of it, and as horrible as it is to say this, seeing the words “my inbox is always open” it was the last thing I wanted to see. Because in all honest truth, when you suffer from mental health issues, when you are in that darkness and you cannot see the light, the last thing you would think of doing is burdening others with your problems.

So my question to those reading this, is how many of you MEAN what you share? And what would you do if someone you knew or maybe did not even know messaged you and told you they had had enough and could not do it anymore, what would you do?

When you share a post or a quote via social media, think of the lasting effects. For us, it is an ongoing struggle, not a 24 hour trend to be acknowledged for a little while and then moved aside like an emotional conveyor belt. And for those I see who do share the quotes, who do share the posts and write about it, you talk about it and you are open about it, I salute you.

Those who smile the most, hurt the most…

For those who struggle to find the light in the darkness, they hide it well. How many of us have seen on the news and read the words “They were the life and soul of the party” “A truly hilarious and outgoing guy” they say how happy they were and how much they smiled all of the time. And we never knew how deep the struggle was.

I understand that so many of us are around the ones we love and never see the hurt behind their eyes. I have been with my partner for five and a half years, and it has taken me five and a half years to finally sit him down and explain to him my mental health and the darkness that still follows me to this day. So I understand that sometimes those who are around, it is not that they do not understand, it is simply that they cannot see something we choose not to show them. And why do we do that? Because again, we feel that we cannot burden them with our problems.

Think of it this way…How many of you MESSAGE, how many of you make the FIRST move, not just by sharing some quick social media post that is circulating at that precise moment as this only makes us feel like a trend movement…How many of you have picked up the phone and phoned someone, messaged them and said just a few little words like “How are you doing” “I hope you are okay” “I am always here” or even “You’ve got this” it is amazing how just a few words could change a mindset and potentially help someone to find the light in their darkness…

Sending out an SOS to the world

The next time you see the news, a post, or a quote on social media, take a moment just to think, when this awful and heart breaking event happened to that person how they must have been feeling, and then take a moment just to respond to that…

This will always be an ongoing struggle, so sharing strong and powerful messages is great to see, but at the same time, please do not forget that sharing a post may not be the push someone needs to see the light, but a message or phone just to “check in” could be just what someone needs. I know that I am lucky enough to have some incredible people in my life that help to send that love, so lets return it.


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